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Quinoa Salad with Black Beans and Toasted Cumin Seeds








Mneh! This one reminds me of the chick pea quinoa salad of the first week, but with lime and cumin instead of unadulterated raw onion. I like it about as much. I think it’s that beans and quinoa seeds are clearly defined, hardish shapes, and a light dressing made of juice and oil just isn’t enough to bring them together. This salad is like a champion weight lifter, who got fat, and is now outdoors in winter wearing a tshirt that is WAY too light for the weather. That is what it tastes like.


Sanctuary Chef Salad










God might be pissed off with me right now, and rain lighting and meteors down on Dublin, in angry vengeance for STEALING HIS FAVE SALAD DRESSING. I can’t imagine that Isa came up with this when she was writing her cookbook. Far more likely that she ninja leapt into the clouds and pilfered it from an angel salad workshop.

It makes no difference what the ingredients of the salad are, as long as this dressing is smooshed all over them then it may as well be sawdust and weeds that you are eating. But it’s not!! It’s a mix of the BEST bits of the vegan world – fake bacon made from drybaked, chewy and crispy aubergine slices, and marinated thick meaty tofu. Plus salad stuff like lettuce and tomatoes (there’s an onion in there too, which I side stepped).

Back to the dressing. It’s ranch-style which means it tastes like a mix of yogurt, cream, dill, and spice. And that’s actually what it tastes like. Even though it’s a stupidly healthy blend of tofu, stock, herbs, & seasoning. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s GOOD for me. Also, I can’t stop eating it. Nothing has ever made me want to dip a lettuce leaf so much.

Goddess Nicoise








What an awesome, toothsome, filling plate of DELISH this is. It’s weird, I would never put these ingredients together, especially the dressing (a bit fusiony for me!) but they so work. The chickpea concoction itself would make an amazing stand alone sambo filler. NOM.

See how tiny the piece of onion I used this time was? Much safer.

Basically this is a salad where each component is separate on the plate, with the dressing on the side so you pour it over before eating. The components are: spuds, green beans, lettuce, olives, chickpeas that have been mashed with capers and some of the dressing, cherry tomatoes, parsley. Freaking delish. I’ve read recipes online that add some nori to the chickpea mash to make it saltier, might try that next time.

Big Fat Taco Salad








There were three mini salads here: tortilla chips/ lettuce/ beans — salsa — guacamole made w half soya beans, half avocado. It’s like a tasty, obviously low fat, light version of a messy Mexican themed meal. Really tasty and filling for work lunches, but not something I’d make for visitors, iykwim.

There was just one raw onion ingredient this time, which I switched for a shallot. It was still quite strong!

Is putting crisps in salads a big North American thing?! This was totally new to me. Nice and crunchy though!

First Week Done


The first week of my Cook Through This Book and Blog It new year’s resolution is done so it is a time of reflection. My main point of reflection is that Isa must really like the taste of raw onion, and that I really really do not. I think three recipes is enough of me giving this crazy raw onion idea a try. If there are more raw onions, I will be leaving them out. Another theme that has emerged is Romaine Lettuce appearing all the time. Is this a really common lettuce in the U.S. or something? I mean, it’s nice and all, but … ? That is the end of the Time of Reflection.

Recipes that are coming up next! Basically, the next three from the book. I’m doing up a shopping list for these right now. Yes, I am still on the Salads Chapter.

Big Fat Taco Salad with Fresh Tomato Salsa Dressing and Guacamame

Goddess Nicoise with Green Goddess Garlic Dressing

Sanctuary Chef Salad (comprising Herb Roasted Cauliflower, Eggplant Bacon and Basic Baked Tofu) with Sanctuary Dressing


PS: someone asked me about the pictures – I’m taking them all with the Hipstamatic iPhone camera app because I like to pretend I’m living in a techno-free, flame-and-brown-coloured, hip-n-happening 1970s reality.

Sushi Roll Edamame Salad








I love these flavours so much. I was surprised to see no wasabi or soya sauce in the mix, although the recipe does say that these are nice on the side as an option.

With the caveat that I would use much less scallion, and include a lot more nori and avocado, then I can confidently say that I would pledge my life to this salad, move in with it, care for it night and day, make passionate love to it, spawn baby sushi salads with it, and eventually sit beside this salad on our porch as we watched our grandchildren play at sunset.

This is the best salad evah.

Spicy Potato and Corn Salad








Really surprised by this one! Didn’t expect to love it, because it seemed Quite Chilli Spicy, & I find that that can sometimes make it so you can’t taste anything else in the dish. I was especially nervous when I realised that I’d bought kidney beans IN chilli sauce instead of just plain water. But it all turned out ok. The smoked paprika at the end really brings it all together, so yum.

This makes a giganto amount of food but because there aren’t salad leaves immediately mixed it, it will keep really well for a few days – no wet, black, curling wilting fear here.

Loads nicer than yesterday’s salad! Yum!