Sushi Roll Edamame Salad








I love these flavours so much. I was surprised to see no wasabi or soya sauce in the mix, although the recipe does say that these are nice on the side as an option.

With the caveat that I would use much less scallion, and include a lot more nori and avocado, then I can confidently say that I would pledge my life to this salad, move in with it, care for it night and day, make passionate love to it, spawn baby sushi salads with it, and eventually sit beside this salad on our porch as we watched our grandchildren play at sunset.

This is the best salad evah.


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  1. Going a little stingy on the ‘cado makes sense if you’re really watching your waistline, but nori? How could anyone justify going stingy on the nori? 🙂

    I do love me some edamame though. Have a half bag knocking around the freezer to boot. Hmm…

    • Yes that’s true, but it’s just one avocado in a dish to feed four people, so it could definitely take one more! It is possible I guess that nori is more strongly flavoured or salted or something in the U.S.? Dunno. Or maybe I just load it on like a loon. Love it.

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