First Week Done


The first week of my Cook Through This Book and Blog It new year’s resolution is done so it is a time of reflection. My main point of reflection is that Isa must really like the taste of raw onion, and that I really really do not. I think three recipes is enough of me giving this crazy raw onion idea a try. If there are more raw onions, I will be leaving them out. Another theme that has emerged is Romaine Lettuce appearing all the time. Is this a really common lettuce in the U.S. or something? I mean, it’s nice and all, but … ? That is the end of the Time of Reflection.

Recipes that are coming up next! Basically, the next three from the book. I’m doing up a shopping list for these right now. Yes, I am still on the Salads Chapter.

Big Fat Taco Salad with Fresh Tomato Salsa Dressing and Guacamame

Goddess Nicoise with Green Goddess Garlic Dressing

Sanctuary Chef Salad (comprising Herb Roasted Cauliflower, Eggplant Bacon and Basic Baked Tofu) with Sanctuary Dressing


PS: someone asked me about the pictures – I’m taking them all with the Hipstamatic iPhone camera app because I like to pretend I’m living in a techno-free, flame-and-brown-coloured, hip-n-happening 1970s reality.


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