Goddess Nicoise








What an awesome, toothsome, filling plate of DELISH this is. It’s weird, I would never put these ingredients together, especially the dressing (a bit fusiony for me!) but they so work. The chickpea concoction itself would make an amazing stand alone sambo filler. NOM.

See how tiny the piece of onion I used this time was? Much safer.

Basically this is a salad where each component is separate on the plate, with the dressing on the side so you pour it over before eating. The components are: spuds, green beans, lettuce, olives, chickpeas that have been mashed with capers and some of the dressing, cherry tomatoes, parsley. Freaking delish. I’ve read recipes online that add some nori to the chickpea mash to make it saltier, might try that next time.


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