Sanctuary Chef Salad










God might be pissed off with me right now, and rain lighting and meteors down on Dublin, in angry vengeance for STEALING HIS FAVE SALAD DRESSING. I can’t imagine that Isa came up with this when she was writing her cookbook. Far more likely that she ninja leapt into the clouds and pilfered it from an angel salad workshop.

It makes no difference what the ingredients of the salad are, as long as this dressing is smooshed all over them then it may as well be sawdust and weeds that you are eating. But it’s not!! It’s a mix of the BEST bits of the vegan world – fake bacon made from drybaked, chewy and crispy aubergine slices, and marinated thick meaty tofu. Plus salad stuff like lettuce and tomatoes (there’s an onion in there too, which I side stepped).

Back to the dressing. It’s ranch-style which means it tastes like a mix of yogurt, cream, dill, and spice. And that’s actually what it tastes like. Even though it’s a stupidly healthy blend of tofu, stock, herbs, & seasoning. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it’s GOOD for me. Also, I can’t stop eating it. Nothing has ever made me want to dip a lettuce leaf so much.


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  1. any chance you could take a pic of your preferred tofu and post it? am finding it hard to track down some that is both tasty and Will hold it’s shape instead of breaking into mush in the pan or pot

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