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Caesar Salad with Eggplant Bacon






Yum! This was super filling cos I went with the added tofu option. It’s a ridiculously low fat recipe. I also added toasted croutons. Yum. The aubergine ‘bacon’ is amazing, I’ve mass this loads since I got the book. The dressing is a tiny bit briney for me, but I know that’s what Caesar salad is supposed to taste like so that’s fine.

Have figured out how to keep eating these salads for longer than just the day I make them -> don’t mix the ingredients until you’re going to eat it. Foolproof. You’re welcome.

Wild Rice Salad with Oranges & Roasted Beets






Really unusual combo of flavours! The beetroot and orange are sweet, then the ginger and Tabasco are fiery, and the sesame is very smooth. Think I would have to make it again to really judge, but at least after the first sitting, I want to. This filled me up for only an hour or so after eating it though, so if I was making it again I’d throw in some extra rice, or some beans.

Cool Slaw with Buffalo Tempeh








Deeelish!! Really unusual and new to me too! This is basically a rich mayo-y coleslaw, in a bowl next to tabasco-hot tempeh pieces. Tempeh is kind of like quorn, if you haven’t met it before. I made the coleslaw myself from scratch, as Dunnes had a 29c special on carrots and cabbage. The dressing was super quick and easy to blend and mix in. The tempeh was just marinated, then fried. Really filling, & I do just love the hot-cool thing going on in the bowl. NOM.

Can’t quite believe this recipe got me to willingly eat half a bowl of raw veg. If you’re wondering where to get tempeh in Dublin, it’s in Asia Market (or any Asian food market) or in Nourish health food shops. You’ll see from the photos that I made the recipe with both tempeh and tofu today, just for the hell of it.

Pad Thai Salad with Peanut-Lime Dragon Dressing and Red Thai Tofu








Delighted with this, DELIGHTED. Assumed it would be 1. not filling enough (so bought back up rice), & 2. too hot and spicy altogether (so bought back up coconut milk). Used neither! It was fabulous. Really tasty. Almost musical, how the lime taste alternated with the peanut, and the coriander played off the lemongrassy red curry paste. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to rinse and repeat.

Warm Mushroom Salad with Cranberries, Creamy Horseradish Dressing






Took me ages to figure out what the hell and then find where the hell ‘prepared horseradish’ was, but Elana & Tesco sorted me out. It’s in the Polish food section, FYI. My first time having it and OMG!! Horseradish is the shiz!! Seriously tasty and moreish.

Was not expecting much of this salad; thought it would be flimsy. Cranberries were as much a mystery to me as horseradish. And I thought that mushrooms on lettuce would be soggy.

I WAS WRONG! This salad is AMAZING! So freaking tasty! The mushrooms are big, fat & meaty. The cranberries are slathered in the sauce, and are toothy-chewy. The sauce is deeelicious. The whole thing is the bomb.

Two things. One is that there are no carbs with this, so I had it with bread. Nom. The second is that this is an ‘eat straight away’ dish, cos of the mushrooms. Fried mushrooms don’t keep, AT ALL.

Totally making this again. ASAP.