Warm Mushroom Salad with Cranberries, Creamy Horseradish Dressing






Took me ages to figure out what the hell and then find where the hell ‘prepared horseradish’ was, but Elana & Tesco sorted me out. It’s in the Polish food section, FYI. My first time having it and OMG!! Horseradish is the shiz!! Seriously tasty and moreish.

Was not expecting much of this salad; thought it would be flimsy. Cranberries were as much a mystery to me as horseradish. And I thought that mushrooms on lettuce would be soggy.

I WAS WRONG! This salad is AMAZING! So freaking tasty! The mushrooms are big, fat & meaty. The cranberries are slathered in the sauce, and are toothy-chewy. The sauce is deeelicious. The whole thing is the bomb.

Two things. One is that there are no carbs with this, so I had it with bread. Nom. The second is that this is an ‘eat straight away’ dish, cos of the mushrooms. Fried mushrooms don’t keep, AT ALL.

Totally making this again. ASAP.


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