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Cool Slaw with Buffalo Tempeh








Deeelish!! Really unusual and new to me too! This is basically a rich mayo-y coleslaw, in a bowl next to tabasco-hot tempeh pieces. Tempeh is kind of like quorn, if you haven’t met it before. I made the coleslaw myself from scratch, as Dunnes had a 29c special on carrots and cabbage. The dressing was super quick and easy to blend and mix in. The tempeh was just marinated, then fried. Really filling, & I do just love the hot-cool thing going on in the bowl. NOM.

Can’t quite believe this recipe got me to willingly eat half a bowl of raw veg. If you’re wondering where to get tempeh in Dublin, it’s in Asia Market (or any Asian food market) or in Nourish health food shops. You’ll see from the photos that I made the recipe with both tempeh and tofu today, just for the hell of it.